Technical Support

About SoftTech Health Product Support

Our Technical Support Group offers varying levels of support which differ according to your product and your support plan. Please note that our support is offered only for supported products (see Definition) within supported environments and includes product features as described in our documentation. This document provides further information about the support that may be available to you. Please see the Definitions, below, for further explanation about the terms used in this document.

Please note that support is offered only to registered clients (see Definition) of SoftTech Health and that support users may be requested to provide credentials to establish their eligibility for support. Support will be provided to any client staff member who requests it. It is the responsibility of the client organization to restrict or otherwise manage the number of users who utilize the support plan and/or the frequency with which your users incur support incidents.

Support plans are usually based on a defined number of support incidents (see Definition) per calendar month, with the exception of our Gold support plan which provides for an unlimited number of support incidents from a single point of contact. The means by which you may request support and by which we may provide it, may include telephone, email, and web-based support, depending on your Support Agreement. Support plans may be customized and/or extended on a client-by-client basis.

At any time, an authorized purchasing representative from your client organization may make changes to your support plan if your organization’s needs change.

User Support:

User support includes assistance with supported SoftTech Health products and their documented features. Users may request instructions on how to use a feature; further explanation of a specific documentation or Help instruction; best practices guidance on how to utilize a specific feature of the product; and trouble-shooting.

Implementation Support:

Depending on the product and extent of the support plan chosen, your organization may be entitled to complimentary implementation (see Definition) support. Implementation support will include User Support as explained above and further provides for trouble-shooting related to the implementation process. Implementation Support is provided for a maximum of 10 support incidents per client, per product, to be used until implementation is complete (see Definition).


Supported Product: Supported Product is defined as any product wholly developed by SoftTech Health, and is further defined as any current release version. Prior versions of our products will be supported for a period of 90 days following the release of an updated version.

Client: For the purposes of this document, “client” is defined as any organization which has purchased and installed or is installing a licensed SoftTech Health product.

Implementation: The Implementation process is defined by SoftTech Health as the process by which the SoftTech Health product is installed and configured. The implementation process is deemed to be complete by the SoftTech Health Technical Support Team when the team can remotely confirm that the product opens and runs successfully at the client location. Implementation support does not extend to enabling remote access, network connectivity, permissions or other network-related issues, although SoftTech Health may assist with trouble-shooting resources. Support for third-party products and network-related issues may be provided for an additional fee if requested and authorized by a client’s purchasing agent.

Support Incident: A single support incident is any single question or issue related to one supported feature of a SoftTech Health product. If the client files a support request involving multiple questions and/or multiple system features, each question or distinct feature will be treated as incurring a separate support incident. If the same client location generates multiple requests involving the same question or regarding the same product feature, each request will be treated as a separate support incident. Each support incident as defined above may generate multiple contacts between SoftTech Health and the client until resolution (see Definition) is achieved. The SoftTech Health Support Group will determine what constitutes a support incident. If the incident is confirmed by the SoftTech Health Support Group to be related or caused by a product defect (see Definition) or documentation error (see Definition), the incident charge may be reversed.

Product Defect: A product defect is defined at SoftTech Health’s discretion as a product feature or functionality that does not perform in the manner described in SoftTech Health User Manuals, or Help files. Technical results or behavior that can be attributed to a user’s permissions, network configuration, or unsupported environments is not classified as a product defect. In such cases, SoftTech Health may provide resources to assist but cannot be held responsible for resolution. User feedback about suggested improvements or enhancements to products (while valued by the SoftTech Health Development Group) does not constitute product defect reporting. A support incident will be escalated to a possible Product Defect report upon confirmation by the SoftTech Health Technical Support Group.

Documentation Error: Documentation refers to SoftTech Health User Manuals, online Help Files, release notes, and online support files produced by SoftTech Health. Any materials produced by entities other than SoftTech Health are not covered. Errors are defined by SoftTech Health as incorrect information which does not reflect the actual functioning of a product feature.

Support Resolution: Resolution of a support incident as determined by the SoftTech Health Support Group is defined as one or a combination of these solutions:

  • Provision of sufficient instructions to clarify a user question
  • Provision of a reasonable workaround
  • Escalation to Product Defect status as defined above
  • Definition of the support incident as an enhancement suggestion or improvement request, and subsequent internal routing to the Upgrade Committee for review.

  • While SoftTech Health cannot guarantee that every technical support issue will be resolved to the subjective satisfaction of every client representative, we pride ourselves on providing responsive, experienced support.