Asset Management

Ensure compliance with equipment and inventory quality requirements with fast and efficient tracking of the location and vital information of all your assets.

One comprehensive and centralized toolset to record information for all your equipment, instruments and inventory while allowing your staff efficient access to all asset tracking data.

  • Add vital links directly to each equipment record including the user manual, warranty, supply orders, maintenance/calibration records, issue logs, and CAPA records.

  • Give your staff the power to access and udate information on all your assets from anywhere on the network, 24/7.

  • If equipment malfunctions, staff now have immediate access to all the data they need to respond in alignment with your SOPs – getting you up and running faster.

  • Includes three discrete tools: Equipment Manager, Inventory Manager and Suppliers Manager.



Monday to Friday

8:30am - 6pm EST

"Our experience with the time-savings and the user-friendliness of the LabQMS™ was so positive, we recently added their Asset Manager, Accreditation Manager, and others."