Online Forms Management

Give your staff the power to create, share and quickly retrieve forms from anywhere, 24/7, while reducing costs and dramatically eliminating entry errors.

Eliminate the need to key in hand-written forms while compiling a digital library of crucial form and survey response data.

  • Allow even your non-technical staff to quickly create forms and surveys on demand with powerful and intuitive design tools.

  • Choose from multiple question formats including: drop-down menus, checkboxes, single/multiple text fields, radio buttons, and date selectors.

  • Set up automated email lists so designated members of your staff receive the responses as each form/survey is completed.

  • Set response deadlines and/or response limits for time-sensitive forms; for example, in the case of sign-up forms for classes with
    limited enrollment.

  • Responses for each form/survey auto-collated and saved in a central, dedicated file.



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8:30am - 6pm EST

"We were pleasantly surprised and pleased at how rapidly the SoftTech Health team implemented the system. The feedback has been the LabQMS™ is easy and user-friendly. We highly recommend the SoftTech Health system."