For Diagnostic Services

Improve safety and reduce risk in your DI facility while coping with the shortages of DI professionals.

Whether you run a free-standing DI center or a busy DI department within a hospital, SoftTech Health Document Management offers your techs and sonographers an easy-to-use tool enabling them to find the information they need to do their job quickly and in compliance with accreditation standards including ICAVL, ICAEL, ICANL and others.

SoftTech Health Document Management is a fraction of the cost of traditional DM systems and can be deployed without the need for expensive and time-consuming software and hardware installations.

With Document Management, you can:

  • Distribute your protocols, procedures, and policies online, from anywhere, 24/7 without cumbersome paper binders

  • Automate and standardize your document management process

  • Better comply with accreditation requirements

  • Include an unlimited number of manuals, from Positioning Manuals, to Safety Manuals, Equipment Manuals, Personnel Manuals, and more

  • Reduce risk with better control of protocols that govern every task performed in any modality, such as radiopharmaceutical disposal records, spill records, etc.

  • Train your staff in minimal time

  • Automatically maintain an archive history of all document edits

  • Optimize workloads and reduce overtime, and thereby:

  • Cope with shortages of qualified personnel

User-friendly and intuitive, SoftTech Health Document Management will provide time savings for the entire department. As an internet solution there is no software or hardware to install.

Give your staff full-featured document control. And make it faster; and simpler to manage your important policies, SOPs and other documents, with an easy to use system that takes just hours to learn.



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