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Meet quality management and accreditation/auditing needs more quickly, giving your staff more time to devote to better, safer, and more timely lab testing.

The SoftTech Health LabQMS™ (Quality Management System) is the first full-featured quality management system built specifically for healthcare labs.

With the LabQMS™, your Healthcare Lab can:

  • Save measurable and significant time for all lab personnel

  • Have more time to devote to lab testing and reporting

  • Better comply with accreditation requirements

  • Improve quality processes to provide better service

  • Reduce risk with better safety QI tracking

  • Optimize workloads and reduce overtime, and thereby:

  • Cope with shortages of qualified lab personnel

User-friendly and intuitive, SoftTech Health LabQMS™ will provide time savings for everyone in your lab, from bench workers to lab quality managers to chief pathologists.

The LabQMS™ is one comprehensive solution to handle all your healthcare lab’s quality management needs including:

  • Facilitating and demonstrating compliance for accreditation

  • Document control and quality manuals

  • Feedback/Complaints/Compliments tracking

  • Corrective actions and escalation

  • Instrument/equipment inventory and maintenance



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