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SoftTech Health for Nursing

Help your nurses handle the increasing complexity of patient care with an efficient and easy-to-use Document/Policy Control System.

The SoftTech Health Document/Policy Control solution helps your Nursing Department adhere to standards of care by keeping all staff on top of the latest policies, procedures, guidelines and manuals.

The combined pressures of rapidly evolving technology and increased regulatory pressures mean nurses must have fast and accurate access to a wide array of policy and procedure manuals..

Of course, all these policies and procedures require significant time to update, approve, distribute, and archive – time most nurses struggle to find.

SoftTech Health Document and Policy control software solves these challenges, giving your team the tools to effortlessly improve your control, consolidation and compliance without expensive and time-consuming software and hardware installations.

With Document Management, you can:

  • Educate your nurses to cope with the increasing clinical complexity in many patient care settings, with searchable P&Ps

  • Better comply with accreditation and managed care requirements

  • Improve quality processes to provide better service

  • Reduce risk with better tracking of policy usage

  • Train your staff in minimal time

  • Automatically maintain an archive history of all document edits

  • Optimize workloads and reduce overtime, and thereby:

  • Cope with shortages of qualified personnel

User-friendly and intuitive, SoftTech Health Document Management will provide time savings for your RNs and RNAs, with only minimal training. As an internet solution there is no software or hardware to install.

Use Document Management to make it simpler, faster, and more cost-effective to manage, update, and distribute your Nursing Policy and Procedure manuals. Help your nurses find the guidance they need quickly and easily. And address nursing shortages with an easy to use system that takes just hours to learn.



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