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SoftTech Health for Pharmacy

Help your hospital pharmacy simplify and streamline compliance with cost-effective and easy-to-use policy and procedure management tools.

The SoftTech Health Document Management system enables your hospital pharmacy to focus on safe and efficient patient care rather than wasting time on managing paper.

With Document Management you gain a single, integrated resource to keep all of your polices and procedures updated, approved and at your staff’s fingertips – for a fraction of the cost of traditional DM systems.

With Document Management, you can:

  • Put your protocols, procedures and policies online without inefficient shared drives or paper binders
  • Integrate and manage other vital resources such as DEA information, drug data, FDA guidelines
  • Better comply with accreditation requirements
  • Improve quality processes to provide better service
  • Reduce risk with better tracking
  • Provide your staff with pharmacy accreditation information, standards of practice, and other important training tools
  • Automatically maintain an archive history of all document edits to drug information pamphlets, prescription guidelines, and other publications
  • Provide the valuable information resources that your physicians and patients rely on you for, while ensuring those documents expose you to minimal risk.

User-friendly and intuitive, SoftTech Health Document Management will provide time savings for the entire department. As an internet solution there is no software or hardware to install.

Give your staff full-featured document management. And make it faster; and simpler to manage your important policies, SOPs and other documents, with an easy to use system that takes just hours to learn.



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8:30am - 6pm EST


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