For Risk Management

SoftTech Health for Risk Management

Ensure compliance with equipment and inventory quality requirements with fast and efficient tracking of the location and vital information of all your assets.

The SoftTech Health Document Management solution provides your Risk Management department with proven Document and Policy control solution for dealing with the enormous volumes of new patient safety literature and then distribute this information to busy care providers and front-line workers.

Plus, the Document Management system comes at a price that works for the RM department’s budget.

With SoftTech Health Document Management, you can:

  • Manage the many documents that flow from the risk management office (internal audit reports, answers about liability and legal concerns, disclosure of
    adverse events)

  • Control your policy and procedure guidelines for critical documents such as review of sentinel events, error disclosure, physician support, and patient communication

  • Make your documents available 24/7 from any location

  • Take the lead in ensuring that its documents are properly controlled and managed in compliance with healthcare regulations and best practices

  • Better comply with accreditation requirements

  • Improve quality processes to influence better and safer patient care

  • Ensure departmental documents don’t become a source of risk in themselves, with automated approval and archiving processes

  • Automatically submit your publications to legal authorities and others for
    reduced risk

User-friendly and intuitive, SoftTech Health Document Management will provide time savings for the entire department. As an internet solution there is no software or hardware to install.

Give your staff full featured document control. And make it faster; and simpler to manage your important policies, SOPs and other documents, with an easy to use system that takes just hours to learn.



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